Commercial Aircraft Flying Over a War Zone: Syria

Commercial Aircraft Flying Over a War Zone: Syria By Aviation Blogger Bushra Nasr Nowadays many people are wondering if they can fly to Syria safely. Well, yes, they can. But it is very important to know how and when is it safe to visit this country. Here you can find some basic information about traveling through Syria: Airports […]

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Aviation Entry Level Gimmicks

Aviation Entry Level Gimmicks By Aviation Blogger Patrick Anderson  One of the very first things a pilot keys in when looking for a job is the salary — of course! But what if the salary is not necessarily lucrative? Are the benefits, perks, and career growth good enough to offset a mediocre pay check? Unfortunately, […]

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Three Types of Aircraft Elevation

Three Types of Aircraft Elevation: Height, Altitude and Flight Level By Aviation Blogger Bushra Nasr You might have heard the word altitude many times when travelling, either from the captain’s announcements during a flight or you might have seen it on the in-flight entertainment screen. But is altitude the only aircraft elevation level that guides pilots during […]

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