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BREAKING: Armed Gunmen Attempt A Robbery At Tirana Airport
Apr 11, 2019
Horrifying events happened at Tirana International Airport, as gunmen attempted to rob an aircraft full of passengers. The robbers stole a big sum of money.
Ethiopian Airlines Releases Preliminary Report About 737 MAX Crash
Apr 04, 2019
Ethiopian investigators, Ethiopian Airlines and representatives from various aviation authorities have released a preliminary report about the Boeing 737 MAX crash.
Ethiopian Airlines Pilots Reactivated MCAS Just Before The Crash
Apr 03, 2019
As investigators are searching for the reason behind the accident, some insider information indicated that the pilots reactivated the MCAS just before it crashed.
More problems for Boeing as Singapore Airlines Ground Boeing 787
Apr 02, 2019
Seems like the PR problems for Boeing is not over. Singapore Airlines announced they are grounding some of their Boeing 787s over engine issues.
Emirates Airlines To Relaunch Supersonic Concorde Service in 2022
Apr 01, 2019
To regain its positions as the worlds best airline, Emirates had to make a very brave move. And it did - Emirates announced that it will commence Concorde flights in 2022, with 4 routes between Dubai and cities around the world.
WOW Air Ceases All Operations After Financial Struggles
Mar 28, 2019
It seems like the harsh winter for the aviation industry has still not ended, even though the calendar is showing that it's spring already. WOW Air, an Icelandic ultra-low-cost carrier, has ceased all operations.
Boeing 737 MAX Makes An Emergency Landing
Mar 27, 2019
A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX made an emergency landing at Orlando International Airport. Pilots reported an issue with the engines and landed safely. But for Boeing, it seems like 737 MAX and emergency in one sentence seems to deepen their PR...
Ryanair Mocks British Airways For Landing At The Wrong Airport
Mar 26, 2019
As a British Airways flight accidentally landed in Edinburgh instead of Düsseldorf, Ryanair took to Twitter to take a friendly dig at the misfortune of the British airline. Read More:
Why is your flight ticket so expensive?
Mar 22, 2019
Have you ever wondered why is your flight ticket so expensive? Well, do not worry as we have the answer to your question! There are multiple factors that go into the price of the flight. Read more:
JetBlue Pilots Raped Three Flight Attendants After Drugging
Mar 21, 2019
Last May, a horrific event took place. According to court papers, JetBlue pilots drugged and raped three flight attendants while on their layover. Since then, the three women have sued the pilots. Read more:
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