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Germania's Swiss Subsidiary Rebranded To Chair Airlines
Jun 12, 2019
When Germania declared bankruptcy, the fate of their subsidiary airlines was up in the air. However, Germania Flug will continue to operate under Chair Airlines. Read more:
Ryanair To Establish Malta Air – A New Airline In Malta
Jun 10, 2019
On Sunday, a publication published by Times Of Malta reported that the island is getting a new airline, called Malta Air. However, it might prove troubling. Read more:
The Most Futuristic Airport – Harbin Taiping International Airport
Jun 07, 2019
We all do wonder what the airport of tomorrow will look like. It seems like MAD Architects, who designed Harbin Airport's new Terminal 3 has depicted that. Read more:
Why Does Every Airbus Aircraft Start With A 3?
Jun 05, 2019
Have you ever thought why does Airbus name every aircraft using the A3XX format? Look no further as we answer the old-age question right here!
Bombardier Completes The Sale of Q400 – de Havilland Is Officially Back
Jun 04, 2019
Great news for both Bombardier and us, aviation enthusiasts, as Bombardier has sold the Q400 program to Longview. Including in the sale is the De Havilland brand. Read more:
Most Important Aviation News In The Month Of May - Latest news and developments
May 31, 2019
If you're worried that you might have missed some of the most important stuff that is happening around the world of aviation, do not worry, as this article will cover it all!
The Most Influential Manufacturer - Celebrating 50 Years Of Airbus
May 29, 2019
As Airbus celebrates its 50th anniversary, we argue that Airbus is the most influential manufacturer ever in the aviation industry. Read more:
Automation in the Aviation Industry - The Future Is Automated
May 24, 2019
As technology advances, so does aviation. In the past few years, aviation has made huge strides everywhere, especially automation. Read more about automation:
Boeing says the Boeing 737 MAX is ready; pending FAA approval
May 20, 2019
Boeing has come out and said that a software update on the Boeing 737 MAX is complete, but the manufacturer is waiting for FAA's approval. Read more:
Ryanair Flyer Threatens To Kill Everyone, Tries To Open The Door In The Air
May 14, 2019
Passengers on a Ryanair flight to Gran Canaria experienced something truly terrifying. An unruly flyer tried to open up the aircraft door during the flight. Read more:
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