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Is Pilot Career A Good Option? Pros and Cons Of A Career As A Pilot
May 17, 2019
We all dream of a chance to fly in the cockpit. A career as a pilot allows you to do that and it does sound perfect. However, nothing is perfect and there are cons to a pilot career.
What’s the difference between Cabin Crew and Flight Attendants?
May 08, 2019
You might think that there is no difference between a Cabin Crew member and a Flight Attendant. However, the reality is different. Read more about the difference:
How To Start Your Flight Attendant Career Right Now
Apr 12, 2019
It might look scary or difficult at first, but landing your first job as a flight attendant is not a very difficult task. If you're interested, check out this article!
Top 5 Reasons Why A Flight Attendant Job Is Hard
Mar 29, 2019
Some discredit the job of a Flight attendant as an easy one that anyone could do. But we think otherwise, as this list of reasons proves. Read more:
Why Do Airlines Pay Pilots So Much?
Feb 18, 2019
The fact that pilots are one of the top earners in the world is no big secret. However, some might think that the job of a pilot is an easy one. But there are numerous reasons why pilots get paid so much. Read more:
Should and Would You Tip Flight Attendants?
Feb 04, 2019
Recently Frontier Airlines has come under fire for their policies regarding passengers tipping their flight attendants. Therefore, we ask the question - should and would you tip flight attendants on your flight?
How Air New Zealand's Uniforms Have Served Over Decades
Feb 08, 2018
For over 70 years, the flight attendant uniforms have evolved showing off some very risqué hemlines and outlandish styles.
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