Top 5 Biggest Airports In The World In 2018

Whenever we travel with airplanes, we always have to depart and arrive somewhere. That somewhere is an airport – a vital piece of aviation. Because without it, we would not be able not only to travel but to receive shipping fast enough or get real-time weather reports. Or just look at the magnificent aircraft standing, taxiing and departing at the airport, while we wait for our own flights. Some people are lucky enough to work as planespotters – taking pictures of airplanes at airports. Sounds like a dream job, eh?

An airport never sleeps, no matter what your job is. The biggest airports in the world never have a calm hour in their daily schedule. With passenger numbers increasing yearly, there is even more chaos. Yet airports every year try to increase their figures, trying to increase their profits. However, somehow these magnificently planned out structures manage to remain calm, even during the most stormy weather.

But which airport handled the most passengers in 2018? With 5 weeks remaining till New Year’s Eve rolls around, each Friday we will reveal the Top 5 busiest airports of 2018.

Without further ado, here are the Top 5 busiest airports of 2018:

5. Tokyo Haneda Airport – HND

Tokyo Haneda was built in 1931 and was the largest civil airport in Japan (still is). At the time it operated a single runway when in 1939 an additional one was built. The Tokyo government planned to expand it, but the plans were scrapped with the breakout of World War 2. When the Americans took over, Haneda was converted into an army base. In the 1950s, the Haneda resumed commercial service.

Currently, the airport has 3 terminals: 2 domestic and 1 international one. 45 airlines from all over the world have destinations to and from Tokyo Haneda. For the past few years, it has been one of the biggest airports in the world consistently.

Tokyo Haneda Airport
Tokyo Haneda Airport

4. Los Angeles International Airport – LAX

Built in 1929, it was named Mines Field at first. In 1949, authorities renamed it into Los Angeles International with the code LAX (Though the code was obtained 2 years earlier – in 1947). LAX is the biggest airport on the West Coast, essentially connecting America with Asia and Oceania. It also serves as a hub for more airlines than any other carrier in the United States. Currently, LAX has 9 terminals, serving 71 airlines, which fly to domestic and international destinations.

LAX is recognized for its unique Theme Building, which looks like a UFO that has landed on its legs.

For many years now, the airport has consistently managed to sustain its status as one of the busiest airports in the world and this year is no exception.

LAX Theme Building.
LAX Theme Building.