Video Shows Passengers Bracing for Emergency Landing

Video Shows Passengers Bracing for Emergency Landing

Passengers on an American Airlines flight suffered some tense moments after they were instructed to brace for impact as their plane made an emergency landing due to mechanical issues. The entire frightening incident was recorded by a passenger.

In a video from passenger Steve Ramsthel, a flight attendant tells passengers, “you will need to be seated in a brace position for landing. In an event of an actual evacuation, please locate the exit nearest to you, keeping in mind that it may be behind you. Listen to the instructions given to you by your crew.”

“If there is heavy smoke, bend over, cover your nose and mouth and stay low the ground as you evacuate. When the aircraft stops, please remain in a brace position until you are told to evacuate.” Suddenly, several cabin crew members give the order. They can be heard shouting “brace!” and “keep your head down!” The plane comes to a stop in a matter of seconds.

Shortly after landing, the first officer is heard speaking in an incredibly calm manner. He says: ‘Please remain seated while we take a look at the issue we have up here in the cockpit. No need for alarm, just remain calm, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we know more. Thank you.”

Ramsthel, who is a certified pilot, told KNXV that he could smell smoke on the plane. An airline spokesman confirmed that “a fan issue” prompted the emergency landing. “There were some people crossing themselves, but I thought the adrenaline was high and everybody just cooperated,” Ramsthel told KNXV. "It was pretty amazing, to be honest with you.” In a statement, American Airlines blamed “mechanical issues stemming from a broken fan,” KNXV reported. There were no injuries, the airline said.