30 Passengers Start Bleeding On Board When Cabin Crew Forgets To Set Air Pressure

30 Passengers Start Bleeding On Board When Cabin Crew Forgets To Set Air Pressure

Most of the population of the world is afraid of flying. Every time they are on board, the inner voice is telling to be calm and that nothing will happen. And we always count on the cabin crew. But this Jet Airways flight made doubts after the cabin crew forgot to set the air pressure and passengers started bleeding.

The flight from Mumbai to Jaipur had 166 passengers on board. 30 of them started bleeding from noses and ears. Others suffered from migraines.

Now it is known what caused the bleeding. Before the flight took off, the cabin crew forgot to activate the "bleed switch". Due to this reason, the oxygen level dropped.

The viral video

The in the video passengers look calm when the accident happened. But when the bleeding started, a slight panic appeared.

After the plane landed, 4 passengers were taken to the hospital. As said by the hospital's chief operating officer: "They are under observation... Some are suffering from mild conductive deafness, which might continue till a week. We have advised them not to fly again until they recover."

One passenger expressed his anger: "The plane had to make an emergency landing. The cabin crew was unprofessional while ground staff was inept. No reps or guides."

At the moment, the airline is investigating the event. Cabin crew is on leave.

We know that flying is not that dangerous as we think and pilots can handle the emergency situations. But when emergencies like this happen, we start to doubt the quality of the service.

Let's hope no more incidents like will happen in the future. Or at least there will not be any injuries and the crew will handle the situation.