Airbus Is About To Put Beds In A Cargo Hold For Passengers

Airbus Is About To Put Beds In A Cargo Hold For Passengers

Is cargo hold a place for people? There are already controversial discussions about putting pets there. But what about ourselves?  Well, Airbus promises to make our long-haul flight so much easier and enjoyable.


The project of offering an option to have sleeping places for economy class passengers in the cargo hold is being executed by a partnership of two companies. It is European giant aircraft manufacturer Airbus and France based Zodiac Aerospace.

The main idea of a project is to provide a possibility for the airlines to change their cargo hold into a sleeping area for the passengers whenever they want. Sleeper modules can be swapped out when its comfortable for the career. This way an aircraft can be multifunctional and provide more flexibility for the airline.

On the other hand, passengers will also benefit. Economy class travelers will be provided with a chance of having a good night sleep. Airbus imagines turning cargo hold into dorm-like space. Passengers will get not only sleeping beds but also lounges and kids playing areas, space for work and even a meeting room.

Airbus Is About To Put Beds In A Cargo Hold For Passengers Qantas Airbus A350

Airbus representative says “This approach to commercial air travel is a step change towards passenger comfort. We have already received very positive feedback from several airlines on our first mock-ups,”.

Currently, the project is being developed for Airbus A330 aircraft. In case everything goes as planned, technology will also be adapted for Airbus A350 model. “Airlines will initially be able to choose from a catalogue of certified solutions by 2020 on A330,” Says Zodiac Aerospace representative.

However, as we all know, airlines benefit from flying cargo. And if they lose this for our comfort we are going to pay the gap. Therefore, for the economy passengers choosing to wake up in a horizontal position instead of laying on the stranger‘s shoulder, prices will increase. Unfortunately, only the first models are being tried out and prices are not announced yet.

Airbus and Zodiac hope to release the project for usage till 2020.