Free Airport WiFi Anywhere In The World

Free Airport WiFi Anywhere In The World

Waiting around the airport for a connecting or delayed flight is sometimes painful, but not having free Wi-Fi can make it a horrific experience. It means you only need to be provided two things: unlimited Wi-Fi and a power supply to keep their battery levels up.  Staying offline isn’t as fun when you have a bunch of hours to kill between flights. Especially if you’re roaming or you don’t have enough data on your mobile plan.

However, not all airports come with free Wi-Fi, and many are behind paywalls or have time restrictions.

Free Airport WiFi

Security expert Anil Polat comes to the rescue. His ultimate travel guide not only provides user-supplied Wi-Fi passwords to get online for free. It also comes with handy top tips on best practices to boost connections. This lifesaving innovation was created when he had trouble accessing wireless networks while traveling.

Polan gets the passwords for various airports and lounge Wi-Fi networks partly by crowdsourcing the endeavor, using tips from other travelers across the world. Whenever there’s a new password shared, Polan adds it to the list and shares it on his Facebook page.

Clicking on a particular airport will reveal instructions for inputting the password. It even tells you where to sit to maximise your Wi-Fi connection. The map is a more cutting-edge design of airport wireless networks, as it lets readers easily search through it, add to it and stay up with new information.

While free Wi-Fi is great, you should also remember that free Wi-Fi isn’t always secure. So you might consider using a VPN to try to protect your privacy.

He'll update the map to help travelers stay connected when they're hopping from airport to airport. Polan suggests getting a USB wireless antenna to extend your wireless range. So whether you need to reply an urgent work email or have to survive a brutal 12 hour layover, you’ll never be left.