BOMB THREAT: Plane Forced To Land At JFK

BOMB THREAT: Plane Forced To Land At JFK

A bomb threat has forced a plane to make an emergency landing at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

BOMB THREAT: Plane Forced To Land At JFK

Lufthansa Flight 411 bound for Germany made the emergency landing late on Monday after a bomb threat was called in. Officials quickly evacuated the passengers on the tarmac at JFK Airport.

The airline tweeted: "LH441 was diverted as a matter of precaution in coordination with the relevant authorities and the pilot."

"Passengers disembarked and LH staff will take care of them. The aircraft will be searched."

BOMB THREAT: Plane Forced To Land At JFK

The plane left Houston at 4.10pm local time and was set to arrive in Frankfurt in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The bomb threat was made when someone called Lufthansa's corporate office and the pilot decided to land at JFK airport for the plane to be searched.

The plane landed safely and all 530 passengers and crew members were taken off the plane. The Lufthansa flight was searched by authorities upon landing, along with all of the plane’s luggage.

BOMB THREAT: Plane Forced To Land At JFK

Witness Sarah Baird was landing at JFK when she saw emergency services on the runway.

She told the Daily Star Online: "There was no announcement while we were on the plane and no-one made an announcement in the airport."

"It was only when I tweeted and had a look online that I saw what was happening."

"It all seemed quite normal. I saw the emergency lights as we were landing and I turned to my husband. I'm not sure anyone else on our flight noticed."

The 31-year-old said there was more than 10 emergency vehicles, including fire trucks and police services, at the scene.

BOMB THREAT: Plane Forced To Land At JFK

Mrs Baird added that the Lufthansa plane was in a far-corner of the airport, away from where the rest of the planes were taking off and landing.

There did not appear to be any extra security services in the terminal, according to Mrs Baird.