Emirates Airbus A380 Battles Against Crosswinds

Emirates Airbus A380 Battles Against Crosswinds

Dramatic footage has been recorded of how the world’s largest passenger plane Emirates Airbus A380 battles against crosswinds in an attempt to land.  The Emirates A380 was filmed struggling through high winds and swaying aggressively as it came close to Manchester Airport.

The video showcases the aircraft above the roof of a house and how it tilts sideways as a result of the intense wind and the pilot’s crosswind landing technique. A crosswind or 'crab' landing technique is when an aircraft drifts and diverts as it approaches the tarmac, in order to track the runway centerline, which enables the pilot to bring the plane to the ground. The tremble in the wings of the aircraft can be seen as the pilot tries to conduct the crosswind landing technique perfectly.

The aircraft starts off the landing pretty stable. But as the winds intensify, the aircraft start to sway in the opposite direction and it seems like it might crash into the roof of a house. Then the aircraft sways more towards the house! Passengers do not have the same view as the pilot, which makes them feel more uncomfortable. Fortunately, the pilot regains control of the aircraft and manages to land safely.

High winds are not dangerous but they can be very inconvenient, especially if the wind direction is across the runway. All pilots train to land in high crosswind conditions and will have practiced to the aircraft limits in the simulator. In practice, the wind is rarely aligned fully with the runway so there is always a slight crosswind to deal with, it is just the amount of it that changes.

The largest aircraft in the Emirates A380 collection can cater for 615 passengers, 557 in standard economy with 58 in flat bed seats.  Emirates was the second airline to receive the A380.