On Sept. 13 – 14, Kleine Brogel airbase, in Belgium, hosted the Belgian Air Force Days, an airshow attended by several interesting local and foreign aircraft whose main themes were the +100 years of Military Air Power and the 40th anniversary of the F-16.

The air show was particularly interesting, as it featured not only the usual solo display of several aircraft types, including the Dassault Rafale and the Mig-29, but also a tactical event whose aim was to provide the spectators a better insight on the how the Belgian Air Force is integrated in a NATO operation: the BAF set up a fictional scenario based on the current PSO (Peace Support Operations) in Afghanistan, within which 10 F-16 jets, supported by A-109 and Mi-24 helicopters, B-Hunter UAV (from 80th UAV squadron of the BAF) and NATO E-3A AWACS demonstrated some of their capabilities to the public.

Check out some great photos from the show:

[Image: E2bQSfP.jpg]
[Image: cqkulE7.jpg]
[Image: vf86Psx.jpg]
[Image: 3fB3f8e.jpg]
[Image: Nh2aGjy.jpg]
[Image: csGyOtQ.jpg]
[Image: jKlugsz.jpg]
[Image: QP1nhtO.jpg]
[Image: TrXsaae.jpg]
[Image: rSHH09f.jpg]
[Image: NODtXxz.jpg]
[Image: RbkdXbt.jpg]
[Image: Coftm2v.jpg]
[Image: FHP7UHU.jpg]
[Image: 9CFiPbq.jpg]
[Image: Oh8cBul.jpg]
[Image: KUoA5rp.jpg]
[Image: JT2FCk8.jpg]
Among the most interesting aircraft that took part in the BAF Days there were two Slovak Air Force Mig-29s, a single seater and a two-seat aircraft (the latter in static display only) belonging to the N° 1 Squadron. The Slovak Air Force is equipped with 12 Mig-29s based at Sliac.
[Image: nOjunHw.jpg]

Source: https://theaviationist.com/2014/09/22/bel…orce-days/