Solar Impulse Damaged in Japan

Solar Impulse damaged in Japan. A solar-powered plane which started its trip on Sunday were forced to land at the Nagoya Airport in Japan. Solar Impulse trip around the world were put on hold after a storm. Journey has encountered more challenges after wind gusts damaged a wing on the grounded aircraft. Gusts of wind have since damaged the left aileron - the moving hinge on the trailing edge of the wing that controls the plane's roll.

Swiss pilot Andre Borschberg said that the damage to the Solar Impulse will "necessitate at least a week to repair". Later it has delayed the journey for one week, but he says the damage is not a major issue. Repairs organizers called it a little delay and they are still planning the final take-off in Hawaii.

The head of the project and one of the Solar Impulse pilots Bertrand Piccard said: "The technical team already started to build some spare parts but it will keep us on the ground for at least one week before we can carry on". Pilots say, that incident in Japan is not a big issue for the project itself but it's a little additional delay. Solar Impulse is flying without any fuel. If successful, the marathon around the world called “the moment of truth” will be the first ever crossing such a huge expanse by a solar plane and gonna break the record.

Solar Impulse damaged in JapanSolar Impulse damaged in Japan Solar Impulse damaged in Japan Solar Impulse damaged in Japan

Solar Impulse damaged in Japan

Solar Impulse damaged in Japan