From Aviation Fan to Blogger

Are you a huge fan of aviation world? Do you enjoy writing and would like to share it with other aviation fans? Then we have an offer for you - advance from aviation fan to blogger!

Imagine it as your own Blog without all the technical difficulties. You can focus on your content and we will take care of the other stuff. It’s not a job or some sort of commitment; it’s a way to share your hobby with others.

Few things that you may want to know:

  • About 150 000 user visits a month and the number grows by 5 000 a month;
  • Posts are shared in Aviation blog newsletter and social networks;
  • Any topic from aviation world is welcome like: Interesting aviation stories, new technologies, photos/videos of aviation worlds, ect. You name it!;
  • Any content and any length is welcome. Photos, videos, articles ect.;
  • Each post will be inspected by our editor. It does not mean that you will be restricted, but minor tweaks are always welcome, right?;
  • Your own signature after every post;
  • After few successful posts, you will be featured as one of Aviation Blog writers and you will have a special spot on our blog.
You will fulfill your dream to a blogger and we will make this Aviation blog a community driven. We can’t wait for you to join our team!

Leave a comment with your email address or contact and we will get in touch.