Air India Pilots Fight Inside Cockpit

Air India pilots fight inside cockpit. AI Airlines has grounded two of its pilots after a fight between the co-pilot and the captain just before takeoff, the airline has said. "The commander told his co-pilot to take down critical take off figures for the flight. This involves writing critical facts like the number of passengers on board, takeoff weight and fuel uptake on a small paper card (trim sheet) that is displayed in front of the pilots for the entire duration of the flight. The co-pilot took offense at this and reportedly beat up the captain," the Times of India said.

The pilots started dispute in the cockpit as they were preparing the passenger plane AI 611 for departure from the Rajasthan city of Jaipur to Delhi on Sunday night. The airline declined any violence took place and an Air India spokesman told that “instead of violent fight, there was an argument between the two and nothing more". He added that the pilots “have settled the issue. "In the larger interest of the airline", the captain decided to go ahead with the flight and flew to Delhi as planned.

The ordinary procedure would have been to report this incident in Jaipur but that would result in passenger's plans being frustrated and the flight canceled. The commander did mark the incident in a log entry with Air India movement control after both pilots landed the plane safely in Delhi. After that, it turned out that the airline had previously received complaints over the first officer’s conduct while duty. Many airlines have introduced a rule requiring two crew members in the cockpit at all times following the crash of a Germanwings plane last month.

Air India pilots fight inside cockpit