Air Canada Flight Crash Landing

Air Canada fligt crash landing : twenty five passengers were hospitalized after AC Flight 624 crash on Sunday, March 29. The Airbus A320 was completely written off late on Saturday night after the impact ripped-off its landing gear, an engine and its nose cone. The plane smashed to the ground while trying to land in a snowstorm.

Some governments describes this incident as "hard landing", but hard landings happens often, say aviation experts. Any frequent flyer has likely felt one, or maybe even slept through the experience. Even so, 60-year-old businessman who was sitting in the Air Canada's airbus front row of said: “This was not a hard landing. This was an actual crash". No matter what you call it, Air Canada's flight was a dramatic event, resulting in destroyed landing gear, a sheared off engine and a severed nose cone after the jet began its skid 335 metres short of a snow-strewn Halifax runway.

Air accident investigators say 133 passengers had a “lucky” escape in stormy conditions. Mike Cunningham, a regional manager for Canada's Transport Safety Board said an airfraft hit an antenna massif, shearing the main landing gear off before slipping on its belly on to the runway for another 1,100 feet before coming to a stop. There was huge damage to the plane and he could not rule out weather as a factor, he said. He also said he believes a power line was severed, which led to a loss of power at the airport.